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8 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Jersey Shore Family Reunion (If You Aren’t Already)

Jerzdays are officially back on MTV! Our favorite cast has reunited in Miami for an epic family vacation. The premiere on April 5th had ratings through the roof! If you haven’t already watched it,  here are 8 reasons why you need to ASAP:

1.) All of the Glo-Ups

All of the girls are now married. Snooki, Jwwow and Pauly have kids. Ron’s got a baby on the way, Mike might be headed to jail, and Vinny’s new #guido body has us all in awe. There is also ~so much plastic~ surgery.

2.) Fist Pumping!!

It’s t-shirt time all of the time for the housemates in Miami and the show would not be the same unless we saw our favorite guidos fist pumping the night away in the club.

3.) Angelina

Everyone’s least favorite “dirty little hamster” is going to make a wild return, as shown in a trailer for this season.

4.) The Drama

Jersey Shore would not be the same without its crazy fights and trash talking. Even without Sammi there to fight with Ron, you can bet there will still be a crazy amount of drama to savor.

5.) All of the Laughs

Even though they are older, they are definitely not wiser. Many more “Where’s the beach?!” moments will have us all laughing so hard that we cry.

6.) M.V.P

Watching Mike, Vinny, and Pauly’s adorable bromance back in action makes our heart happy.

  7.) The Duck Phone

Snooki made sure she brought a part of the Jersey house with them to Miami. Even with it’s annoying quack, the duck phone will always hold a special place in our hearts.

8.) G.T.L

America didn’t know how much we needed to see G.T.L again until we actually got it back. The simple errands of going to the gym, tanning, and doing laundry have become a lifestyle for all fans and we finally get to see it back in action again.



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