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8 Reasons to Get Excited forSeason 2 of Dynasty

Attention all Dynasty fans: the wait is finally over!


Last Friday, October 12th, the second season of Dynasty premiered, and it left us excited for all that season two has in store! After a dramatic and suspenseful season one finale, we are all thrilled to finally see what happened since the fire at the Carrington mansion at Steven and Sam’s wedding.

Here are 8 reasons why we are excited to see what drama the Carrington’s and our other favorite Dynasty characters get into next!


**If you have not watched the season two premiere, there are spoilers ahead!**


1. We have all been waiting for the day Fallon and Culhane became an official couple. Thankfully, season two has given us that! At the first episode of the season, we even see Culhane’s romantic proposal to Fallon. And of course, she says, “yes”!


2. We knew Steven had slept with Melissa, aka the Senator’s wife/soon to be ex-wife, and that she is pregnant with Steven’s son. Steven had not yet told Sammy Jo, and the news unfortunately came from Blake. Surprisingly, Sammy Jo is excited to be a father (and we think he’ll make a great one)!


3. Carrington Atlantic is being sold by Fallon. However, we see Blake announce that Carrington Atlantic will be taken over by Liam’s (Fallon’s first husband) uncle’s company. Fallon wasn’t 100% for this idea considering Liam’s family still thinks they are married, so we are curious to see if this deal follows through.


4. We feel for Blake and his mourning over Cristal. He has just returned for being gone for a month, but his relationship with his children has not changed. He lashes out at both his children by exposing them and their secrets at the 100th Carrington Atlantic Anniversary party. Also, can we take a minute to question Blake’s sanity for hooking up with Alexis again?!


5. Kirby is the definition of trouble, but everybody knows that! Although Kirby and Fallon have a troubled past, we can’t wait to see what she is plotting against Fallon.

6. Hank has gone from identity theft, to sleeping with Alexis, to now blackmailing. OMG, who can keep up?! He blackmailed Alexis for one million dollars, threatening to tell the police that they have been working together. Who knows if Alexis is going to come up with the money, or if Hank ends up going to the police to expose their relationship? Only time will tell.

7. We all saw it coming that Claudia was going to shoot Cristal the night of the fire, but no one else did1 Don’t you worry though, we have not seen the last of crazy Claudia. We now must wait for her return in season two and hopefully it is behind bars.

8. The season two premiere ends with an introduction of a new character we haven’t seen before… Cristal. She has some obsession with the Carrington’s and by the looks of it, will end up a part of their lives’ in season two.


The next episode of season two airs on the CW on October 19th. Happy watching, Collegiettes!


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