8 Hair Color Trends to Try This Winter

As the fall semester comes to an end, why not have some fun and try something new? Changing up your hair color is an exciting way to treat yourself for surviving finals and a great way to transform your look this holiday season. Here are some hair suggestions perfect to try out this winter!

Honey Blonde Hair

 If you're a blonde or a brunette and a drastic change is not for you, try dying your hair to a honey-like shade. Blondes who want to go a little darker to adjust to the winter season and brunettes who want to lighten their hair slightly should experiment with this shade!

Platinum Blonde

 Platinum blonde is the boldest color to try this winter. For the fearless girls out there, platinum blonde is a must try for you this season. Also, the blonde perfectly contrasts the dark clothing colors that are in this season.

Copper Red

A rich copper tone is the most dynamic color out there this winter. The varying shades of this burnt, autumnal red make this color unique to every skin tone!

Chestnut Brown

Subtle chestnut brown highlights will warm up your complexion this winter and be the perfect transition when spring comes! Plus, the upkeep with these highlights is minimal—perfect for any busy Collegiette!

Low-Key Balayage

 Like chestnut brown highlights, a subtle balayage is the ultimate low maintenance hair color this season. Growth at your hair roots looks intentional with this coloring technique. Brunettes and blondes should opt for hues that are slightly lighter than their natural shades this season.

Ash Blonde

This muted shade of blonde complements the cold dreary winter months. While golden, rich blonde hues scream summer, this ashy blonde is ~meant~ for the winter!

Caramel Highlights

These slightly darker highlights work especially well with blonde hair to darken the shade for the winter. The rich tones will be sure to add some warmth during the cold winter months.


 Darker hair is popular during the harsh winter months, so why not take it to the extreme and color your hair black this season? Deep, rich black looks great on almost every skin tone!