7 Ways to Transition Your Summer Clothing into Fall

September is almost over and that means trading in beach days and sunshine for pumpkin picking and PSLs. But saying goodbye to summer doesn’t have to mean putting away all of your favorite seasonal clothes! Here are 7 ways to transition your summer clothing into fall:

1. Add tights to your favorite summer dress

Getting a nice pair of tights to go under your cutest sundress will not only keep you warm as it cools off, but it will also make your outfit look much more put together.

2. Add a cute scarf

Scarves are the perfect accessory if you want to bundle up on a brisk fall day.

3. Layers, layers, layers

From denim jackets, to blazers, to knit sweaters – layers are your friend when transitioning your wardrobe form summer to fall.

4. Modify your makeup

Switching up your makeup by trading in pastels for earth-tones can make your look more appropriate for the fall weather.

5. Swap your shoes

Another small change you can make is to swap your sandals for booties and closed toes shoes.

6. Invest in a trench coat

Trench coats go with almost everything and are an essential staple in any Collegiette’s closet.

7. Add a bomber jacket

Adding a bomber jacket and sneakers to a cute summer dress will transform it into the perfect fall outfit.