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7 Ways To Have the Best Galentine’s Day

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? There’s no need to worry because there’s an even better way to celebrate the holiday…and that’s with your best gal pals! We can all thank Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec for creating this holiday! Here are 7 ways to have the ~best~ Galentine’s Day this February 14th:


1. Dress Up & Go Out to Dinner at One of Your Favorite Restaurants

Who needs boys to take you out when you can go out with your best friends? Get yourselves all dolled up and head out to one of the many amazing restaurants in town. My recommendation is Pizzeria Molto, which is right downtown!

2. Throw on Some Sweatpants & Have Breakfast for Dinner

Another great idea if you don’t want to leave your house is to make breakfast for dinner! Put on your comfiest sweatpants and cook up some chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, eggs, and bacon with your roomies. Don’t forget the mimosas!

3. Play Board Games

A game night is always a perfect way to bond with your best friends. Some fun game suggestions are Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, and Scattergories!

4. Have a Wine & Movie Night

Wine, chocolate, and a chick flick? There’s no better combination! Pick up some bottles of your favorite wines and put on a movie that you and all of your friends love

5. Get Crafty

Pinterest is filled with the best crafts and DIY projects, so why not try some out for your dorm, apartment, or house? This could be a super fun activity to do with your friends this Valentine’s Day.

6. Have a Baking Night

Everyone loves baking! You can make brownies, cookies, cupcakes… you name it! Just don’t forget to put some pink and red sprinkles or frosting on whatever you make to add some ~festive~ flare.

7. Relax with a Spa Night

If you and your gal pals need a night of relaxation, you should give each other face masks, manicures, and pedicures! You’ll end the night feeling refreshed and happy with how your Valentine’s Day was spent pampering yourselves.

Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies!


Victoria Gracie

Fairfield '18

Victoria is a graduate from Fairfield University with a degree in International Business and Marketing. She's from Long Island and has an intense love for New York City. She hopes to travel the world and always lives life with a positive attitude. A few of her obsessions include pizza, dogs, coffee, and fashion. Follow her on Instagram: @vgraciee
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