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One of the most exciting parts about moving away to college is having your own dorm room with your very own roommate! While it can be incredibly fun to have a built-in-bff, problems can arise as the year goes on and nobody wants to hurt any feelings. It can be hard to figure out how to talk to your roomie about any problems you’re having, but have no fear, we’ve got you covered!


1. Make a roommate contract

When you first move in and get all settled, create a list of ground rules that are important to both you and your roomie. This will be great whenever a problem arises because you can both look back at the contract you created together for your ~happiest~ living situation. Just pull it out and go over what you both agreed on if anything ever goes wrong so you can remind your roommate of your ground rules without hurting her feelings.

2. Communicate

The worst thing you can do when a problem comes up is keep it to yourself. It is crucial to communicate honestly, openly, and frequently so you and your roomie are always on the same page.

3. Remain calm

When discussing any problem with your roommate, you want to remain calm and never raise your voice. If you start yelling or swearing, you’re going to upset your roomie and that will only make things worse. Take deep breaths, think before you speak, and take your time.

4. Compromise

While it’s hard to not get your way, it’s important to meet your roomie halfway. Understand that it’s a shared space that you live in and no one is the perfect roommate. Be open-minded to the possibility of compromising on any given situation.

5. Don’t wait

The last thing you want to do is let all your problems build up. Speak up when something is bothering you. This way, you won’t explode on your roomie with a million things that bother you. Handle each problem as it comes.

6. Talk to your RA

We have RA’s for a reason – utilize them! Ask your RA their opinion on what to do when a problem arises with your roomie. They can even come mediate a conversation for you, giving an unbiased side to the situation.

7. Be patient

Be patient with your roomie. Problems don’t go away overnight; give her time to address the problem in her own way. It’s important to see things from her side, too. Always be patient and kind, and I promise your roomie will have no problem hearing you out!


Shae Cronin is a recent class of 2020 graduate from Fairfield University where she majored in Communication and double minored in Graphic Design and Public Relations. Throughout her four years at Fairfield, Shae served as a Contributing Writer as well as Trendsetter Tuesday Writer for HCFU. Along with her involvement in Her Campus, Shae has interned with The Impression, Kerri Rosenthal, and Michele Marie PR. She has a great sense of editing, writing, marketing and graphic design as well as strong interpersonal skills. She enjoys tacos, traveling, and everything fashion. Follow Shae on Instagram @shaecronin13 and check out her personal style blog: https://styledbyshae.com !
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