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The 7 Types Of Friends You’ll Make in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

There’s a multitude of different people you’ll meet in college, some better than others. It’s important to become friends with different types of people because having various personalities around can help keep the peace while also making things interesting. Here are seven types of friends you will probably make at college.

1. The Party AnimalThis girl is always down for anything. Your Tuesday class was cancelled and you want to go out on Monday? She’s there. Wherever, whenever, the Party Animal is ready.

2. The Mom

Whether you got too drunk or just need some general life help, Mom is there. Always calm and reassuring, she is your go-to when the going gets rough.

3. The Study BuddyThis is the girl you usually only see in class and then when you have work for that class to do. You usually have very different friend groups, which keep you at the Study Buddy level, but you always think about how you guys would make good friends outside of the classroom as well.

4. The Shoulder to Cry on

This girl may not be your best friend, but she just gets you. You can count on her to listen as you cry it out for the third time this week or rant for the third time today. You have a special relationship because she puts up with your emotional sh*t. 

5. The Male Friend

Not to be confused with boyfriend. This is your typical guy friend that is just that. No romance, no flirting, he makes you feel like one of the guys. The relationship is usually only one that you and him understand and everyone is constantly telling you guys that you should date. Ew.

6. The Overachiever

You love her until you have a class together, then it becomes World War III. She is constantly doing more than necessary (compared to you doing what it takes to get by). Your 86% just doesn’t look as good when you have to compare it to her 95%.

7. The Mess

She needs to get her life together. All aspects of life. You actually question how she gets through the day. Whether she’s drunkenly falling, or up till 5 in the morning writing a paper due for her 8 a.m, her general well being is constantly in question.

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