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7 Thoughts Every College Student Has Right Before the Holidays

These last few weeks of the semester are tough for everyone, especially since Christmas is right around the corner. How are Collegiettes supposed to focus on finals when our thoughts are consumed with what to get our roommates for Christmas, baking Christmas cookies, and jamming out to ‘Jingle Bells”? Here are some ~relatable~ thoughts everyone has during the last weeks of fall semester.

1. “All I want to do is sit at home cuddled up with Christmas movies, but I have to sit here and write this philosophy essay. Is it wrong to compare my philosophy professor to the Grinch?”

2. “It will truly be a Christmas miracle if I can write three papers and study a semester’s worth of material in the next two weeks. All I want for Christmas is a 4.0.”

3. “Now that it’s officially December, it is finally acceptable to listen to Christmas music on repeat in the library. Nothing wrong with getting in the holiday spirit while studying, right?”

4. “It is a tad difficult to get in the Christmas spirit when everyone is stressed out about finals and papers. Just because it is finals doesn’t mean we can’t decorate our dorms for Christmas as a study break!”

5. “The best part of this time of year are the Christmas parties! Between SantaCon and ugly Christmas sweater parties, getting in the spirit is easy!”

6. “I really need to dedicate at least an hour of my day to searching Tobi and Etsy to get all my roommates gifts this year. Playing Santa is definitely fun when you know you got someone the perfect gift.”

7. “All I have to do is get through these last couple weeks of finals and it will be the ~most wonderful time of year~.”


Happy Holidays, Collegiettes!


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