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7 Things That Happen When Your Younger Sister Stays For the Weekend

Leaving home is hard enough, but leaving your younger sister can be even worse. For your entire life you’ve seen her at the breakfast table every morning, and were involved in all aspects of her life; but now, you are miles apart. You both have the occasional face time and keep up your Snapchat streak but it’s not the same. All sorrows pass when your sister decides she is going to come visit you for the weekend at school. This is when the ~real fun~ begins. Here are 7 things that will happen when she comes to visit:

Guest registration becomes relevant
You can be sure DPS will be after her car and ready to mark it with an orange slip as soon as she pulls onto our beautiful campus. Make sure you go through the process of registering her vehicle.

She learns how small college dorms are
She is introduced to college living and she won’t be able to get over how tiny your living space is…and btw where’s the kitchen? If you are lucky enough to be an upper classman, however, she will enjoy the new luxury of more space and killer beach views. 

She instantly becomes friends with your roommate(s)
Even if your roommate drives you crazy half the time, your sibling will grow to love your roommate and they will probably team up against you. Plus, she now has 2 new closets to choose her outfit from so what’s better than that?

You become an unofficial Kelley Center Tour Guide
Get ready to answer tons of questions from how good the food is to where do you go to study. You will find yourself explaining things that you don’t even know the answer to. Like why you smell like The Stag for hours after you walk through there.

She gets the ultimate first college party experience
You can show her how much your school ~kills~ it. And she may even decide she wants to spend her college years there too!  

Your guy friends will definitely try to hit on her
And you’ll be like HAH no way. Expect the causal introduction and pick-up line but as you scoot her away, don’t forget to laugh over it. 

You both have the best weekend yet
There is a reason she comes to visit her big sis and maybe it is to have the college experience, but more than that, she visits because she loves and MISSES you. So don’t take that time you spend together for granted because pretty soon it will be back to keeping up the snap streak. 

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