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7 Reasons Why Emma Watson and Prince Harry Are Meant To Be

Rumors have been circulating recently that Emma Watson and Prince Harry are secretly dating. Both the Internet and fans alike have been going crazy over the thought of these two together.  While some say it’s pure speculation, these 7 reasons prove that they are meant to be:

1. Emma Watson is basically already a princess.

It was recently announced that Emma was cast to play Belle in the big screen adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Is there a better way to understand how to be a princess other than dating a real life prince? I don’t think so. 

2. Their classic fashion sense would make them a statement couple. 

Have you seen the way these two can dress up on the red carpet and for special occasions? They both look like royalty, the epitome of sophistication.

3. They are both philanthropic and charity minded.

We all know the empowering image that Emma sets for other women with her work on the He for She campaign, supporting equal rights for women. Combine that with Harry’s natural humanitarianism as a part of the royal family (plus the time he’s given to the military overseas) and they know exactly how important giving back really is.

4. They are both from England and have a shared heritage.

Although she was born in France, Emma has lived in England all of her life.  While she can view issues from the viewpoint of a citizen, Harry is a part of the royal family and has the power to influence political decisions.   

5. Emma has already met Harry’s brother and sister in law.

On several occasions Emma has met with Prince William and his wife Princess Kate. This can only make her transition into a part of the royal family that much smoother.

6. Emma could be the one to tame Harry’s wild ways once and for all.

Emma definitely has the power to tame a guy with a wild side.  She is strong and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And who knows, Harry just may be able to make her wild side come out a little bit more.

7. They will become THE powerhouse couple. I mean, who doesn’t already love Prince Harry and Emma Watson separately? Put them together and there us nothing in the world that can stop them. 

And while recently Emma has released a cryptic tweet telling fans not to believe everything they hear in the media, I beg to differ and still have hope this powerhouse couple-to-be can withstand the test of time.  In a time of some questionable celebrity hook-ups, they would be able to show what a classy couple can look like. 

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