7 Reasons Why Cynthia Nixon Will Be A Great NY Governor If She's Anything Like Miranda Hobbes

Cynthia Nixon, or as we might know her as “Miranda Hobbes” from Sex and The City, sparked a media frenzy by announcing her running for New York State Governor. Nixon has had experience in activism for LGBTQ rights as well as experience with education movements. She has spoken out about President Trump and helped campaign for Bill de Blasio in 2013. However, the candidate does not have any formal prior governmental experience. But, if she is anything like her world-renowned role in the beloved television series, I think it is safe to say she will do just fine if elected.

Here are 7 reasons why Cynthia Nixon will be a great NY governor if she’s anything like Miranda Hobbes:

1. Knowing the law

Miranda was known for being a bad a** lawyer in Sex and The City. She respects and knows the law. She even knows out of country laws, which she made clear when Samantha got into a little trouble in Abu Dhabi. Knowing policy and the law will give Nixon an edge to make change.

2. Investigative Nature

To be in politics, one must have an informative and investigative way of thinking. Staying curious but most importantly staying level headed and practical will allow for success. Hopefully Nixon, just like Miranda, will be the one to always put things into perspective.

3. Feminist attitude

Nixon has shown her feminist side by participating in this year’s Women’s March, as well as speaking out about equality. She fiercely believes in closing this unfair gap just as her SATC character does. Having another woman in office is one step closer to equality. Girl power all the way!

4. Hardworking

Nixon has been an activist for years by supporting many social causes that are dear to her heart. She has had a successful acting career and now wants to delve into the political arena and make a positive difference. Miranda put her heart and soul into her law career making her a well-respected professional as well as a single working mom. Her hard work ethic is a part of her character, shown on and off screen.

5. Her unwavering independence  

Being independent and trusting your gut are some of the most important attributes not only for standing up for what you believe in, but also for engaging others in the conversation. Miranda believed she could work, be a single mother, hang out with her girlfriends, and navigate the world of love all at the same time. She did that all on her own. Nixon has been outspoken and will stand up for what is right, making way to be great governor.

6. Simple yet assertive style

As sad as it is to say, sometimes presentation is everything. Just like her character Miranda, Nixon has a sophisticated, yet simple style. She walks into a room and you just know who she is. This style shows her assertive attitude, power, and that she means business. If given the opportunity, she will hold the office with fashion and grace.

7. Honesty

We all know that politics are filled with many lies. Honesty is what we would like to see more of in office across the state and federal levels. We could always count on Miranda’s character to be honest with her friends (even if it was extremely difficult and broke her heart to do so). For example, she was honest with Carrie (when no one else would speak up on the matter) and told Carrie her true feelings about her involvement in Big not showing up to their wedding. Nixon could be a fresh and new honest face for a sector of our government by telling the people the truth.