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7 Reasons We Still Love Michael Phelps Even Though He’s Engaged

How could this have happened? I always thought he was the one for me? Deepest apologies to all the Michael Phelps fans out there. Phelps and his girlfriend, Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California, are engaged as of last Saturday. For those of us heart broken by this news, here are some reasons Michael will always be our celebrity crush and #MCM forever!

1.)  He is adorable, duh.

2.)  He’s an Olympic swimmer.

3.)  He has one of these.

4.)  Actually, he has 18 of these…

5.)  He has a killer swimmer’s body.

6.)  His reactions to winning are happy and humble.

7.)  Although he is not engaged to one of us, he put up an adorable “she said yes” Instagram that we have to respect.

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