7 Reasons To Love Fall

Bye, Summer. I’m leaving you for my cable knit sweater.

1.Pumpkin Spice LattesA staple of any collegiette’s diet. You know the fall has begun when this drink is on every girls desk as they sit in class. 

2. Cable Knit SweatersTrading in cut off shorts and bikini tops after a summer at the beach is difficult, but cozying into a warm, oversized sweater is something any girl loves.

3. FootballWhether you have a favorite team, or don’t know a thing about the game, one thing we can all agree on is that football gives us a great reason to chow down, and party with friends on game day.

4. Flannel EverythingNot only can you cuddle up in big flannel shirts, but flannel pajamas and bed sheets are one of the great things about the falling temperatures.  

5. Ridding BootsAfter a summer of wearing nothing but toe exposing sandals, ridding boots are one of the items I look forward to the most about fall. They’re stylish, comfortable, and save a lot of money on the pedicures you don’t need now that your feet are covered.

6. The FoliageThe changing color of leaves makes any piece of scenery look beautiful. Campus looks especially lovely when the leaves turn colors of red, orange and yellow. It’s always nice to take a walk outside, and take in the scenery.

7. Apple PickingApple picking is a fun fall activity at any age. There are even a few orchards near campus where students can pick apples and take them home to enjoy. Don’t forget to grab a jug of cider!