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7 Products that Will Save Your Skin this Winter

Along with cold weather, snowfall, and the holidays, winter also brings dry skin and chapped lips. Staying moisturized is essential as the temps drop, and here are a few of our favorite products to keep winter skin happy and hydrated.

1. Moisturizer


Although this is a no-brainer, a thick, hydrating moisturizer is essential for winter skin care. Brands such as Neutrogena and Kiehl’s make some of the most popular creams on the market.

2. Tinted Lip Balm


Traditional lipsticks can be drying, so replacing your go-to shades with tinted lip balms can keep super chapped lips at bay. Fresh Beauty’s sugar lip balms are a Sephora bestseller alongside favorites like EOS and First Aid Beauty.

3. Hydrating Mask


When your skin needs an extra boost of hydration, masks are ideal. If used a few times a week, a hydrating mask can restore your skin to its natural glow and reverse the damaging effects of the cold weather.

4. Moisturizing Foundation


Aside from skincare, switching up our makeup routines is key to fighting dry winter skin. Moisturizing foundations that restore hydration help to combat dryness in ways that matte formulas don’t. Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and dozens of other brands offer their reliable products in alternative, less drying formulas that are perfect for the winter.

5. Gel Cleanser



Using the same drying cleansers that we turn to for most of the year can be detrimental to winter skin. Gel cleansers tend to offer additional hydration, which will set your skin on the right track from the very beginning of your skincare routine.

6. Hydrating Primer


Prepping your skin for makeup is crucial to combating the signs of weathered skin. Primers that protect against dehydrating products, such as those from e.l.f. and Too Faced, are worthwhile purchases during the winter months.

7. Water



Despite not technically being a beauty product, water is probably one of the most essential pieces to a winter skincare regime. Drinking your eight glasses per day will certainly show on your face in the form of hydrated, clear skin, which makes a few extra trips to the bathroom totally worth it.

Listen to these tips for smooth, moisturized skin despite the chilly temps!


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