7 Pool Floats You Need This Summer

There’s no better way to get tan during the summer than to lay on a pool float all day. Having fun, getting tan, relaxing, and being in the water with friends is what summer is all about.

Floats enable us to feel like kids again and we love it! So, take a look at our top picks for floats you need this season!

1. Pizza Float

After downing a pie of pizza with your best friends, this will keep you afloat! There are even cup holders which is so convenient!

2. Rosé  Bottle Pool Float

When I think of summer, I think of lots of rosé. This float is literally ~goals~ considering it’s the largest bottle of wine we have seen yet!

3. Giant Hunk Pool Ring Float

In case you get lonely this summer, you can count on this hunk to keep you company! Think about all the funny Snapchats you can take!

4. Margarita Pool Float

Margarita time is all the time. This float is perfect for pool parties or even days where you just want to chill with a marg in one hand and a book in the other!

5. Avocado Float

In case you thought it wasn’t possible to be more basic, you were wrong. You can now further show your obsession with avo toast with this pool float.

6. Light-Up LED Swan Float

~Just keep floating~ This swan has lights which are perfect for night swimming!

7. Unicorn Float

Every summer the flamingo and unicorn float trend returns. This unicorn float will make you feel ~magical~. It will also help you get that Insta post you and your friends have been trying for all summer!

We hope you all love the floats you end up buying for summer 2018! Don’t forget to relax after such a stressful school year, stay hydrated, and enjoy the sun. These floats will keep you comfortable, but it’s all fun and games except for when you fall asleep on your float and fall in the water..


Yup, we’ve been there.