7 Obnoxious Things College Guys Say, and How You Should Respond

Sometimes guys can say the most ridiculous things, and adding the college environment into the mix doesn’t help. These are statements that college boys should avoid saying to their female counterparts, and the best way for Collegiettes to handle them incase they come up.

1.“You’re getting another plate of food?”As if you wanted to be monitored every time you got up for unlimited food in Barone. There is no shame in getting up that third or fourth time to fill your plate. The best way to handle this is to either make a joke, or continue on with your feast. French fries are all a girl needs anyway, right?

2.“Instead of teaching me how to do laundry, can you just do it for me?”We’re not your mothers, nor will we allow you to dump your dirty laundry onto our to-do list. The best way to handle this is to reinforce the fact that you can show him how to do his laundry, but that you will not be taken advantage of.

3.“Girls can’t be [insert major here].”Engineering and business majors won’t like to hear this one. Despite demographics, women are able to undertake any academic field they please. You should never feel shame for studying what interests you. Keeping your sights set on your work is the best way to handle this statement. Your killer grades will be the best payback, and put misinformed boys into their places. 

4.“Your roommate is so hot.”While we love our roommates and know how awesome they are, we can’t help but get overprotective of them. Hearing someone refer to our friends in a petty manner can prompt us to become protective mama bears. It’s easy for us to gush about the non-superficial reasons why our roommates rock, so try bringing those to light.

5. “Cramps/periods can’t be that bad”Guys can tend to think that they understand the pain that we girls go through once a month. Unless they want the claws to come out, it may just be best to walk away from this one…and eat some chocolate.

6.“You don’t need any more shoes.”This statement isn’t even up for debate because there is no such thing as too many shoes. The best way to go about this statement is to just laugh it off. Boys will never understand anyway.

7.“I’m kind of busy, so I was thinking you finish the project.”While lazy female group members may utter this statement, it is even more annoying when a boy says it. Setting up a work distribution list at the beginning of a group project can deter any lazy members from trying to get out of their portion of the assignment. If everyone is aware of what they need to accomplish, then there should be no debate as to what needs to be done by the due date.