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7 Midterm Prep Hacks

Midterms manage to sneak up on us every semester. Instead of panicking, here are some helpful tips that can help you ace all of your exams. 

1. Put it in your planner! Make sure you know exactly what days your tests are so you can clearly plan out study time.2. Make a study group. Studying alone is beneficial, but so is getting together with people who need to know the same material, they may know something that you don’t and vise versa!3. “Is this going to be on the midterm?” This is a question you shouldn’t be afraid to ask in class. Most likely they will give you a yes or no answer, which is very helpful when studying.4. Meet with your professors! One on one time can give you a leg up on the material and teachers love to see that their students care.5. Read, read, and read. Reading for a class can be so easy to fall behind on so take the time to make sure your caught up on all your past assignments.6. Sooner is better than later. It’s easier said than don’t but starting to study a week in advance will make you less stressed and more confidence you know the material!7. Most important of all, sleep. The night before the test get into bed early and wake up with a hearty breakfast and your favorite coffee.

Kristen is a sophomore at Fairfield University, where she is majoring in communications. She is a gym fanatic always on the latest workout trends but also loves to dress up when going out with friends or hitting the shops downtown.
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