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7 Fun & Festive Fall Date Ideas

My favorite season is finally here! The time for hot chocolate, pretty leaves, pumpkin pies, and crisp apples has come. Fall is not only cozy, but also a great time for some of the most fun date activities for you and your significant other!


  1. Pumpkin picking/pumpkin carving

I love channeling my childhood self and carving cute designs in a pumpkin. It’s even more satisfying when it’s a specific pumpkin that I picked out of the whole patch!


2. Haunted house

A spooky sight with your bae provides the easiest reason to cuddle close and stick together (even if you aren’t that scared).


3. Football game/baseball game

The engaging atmosphere of a fall game is something you won’t want to miss out on. There is something so cozy about seeing team spirit live in action! Tailgating is also a fun activity, whether you like sports or not!


4. Hike a scenic area

The leaves on the ground in the fall serve as a beautiful view for a hike and a great Instagram picture backdrop. The fall weather is perfect for a hike since it won’t leave you burning like the summer sun.   


5. Bonfire

The fire will keep you warm and provide the best toasted marshmallows for s’mores!


6. Get lost in a corn maze

Spend a cool fall day walking through a corn maze and taking in ~all the autumn vibes~. Getting lost can be fun sometimes, especially when you’re with someone sweet!


7. Apple picking

There is nothing better than biting into a fresh, crisp apple. It’s even more satisfying when you picked it yourself! While at the orchard, you can make a game of it by seeing who can pick the most apples. Afterwards, you can use them to make a fresh apple pie together when you get home!

I am from Long Island, New York. I currently attend Fairfield University and I am pursuing a major in Finance and minors in Mathematics and Economics. 
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