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7 Crazy Things That Were Said On The Last Episode of The Bachelor

The Bachelor is definitely not a stranger to having the contestants say outrageous things on the show. Between Corinne’s snobby comments and hearing about Nick’s dating history, us collegiettes are always entertained. No wonder why Monday’s are our new favorite day of the week. Here are some crazy things said in this week’s episode.

1.“Girls are haters and there are a lot of haters here.”- Corinne

Maybe the girls wouldn’t be haters Corinne, if you were on the show for the right reasons and did not talk about your nanny every five seconds…just a thought.

2. “Now I get to make out with Nick for another week…come and get it Nick.”- Corinne

I thought the point of the show was to fall in love with Nick not just make out with him. I guess I was mistaken.

3. “This is where I first got dumped when I was like 11?”- Nick

Okay Nick, we will just add it to the list of times you have been dumped.

4. “It’s good because I got the one on one and Corinne didn’t. So everything is right with the world again”- Raven

It’s the small victories that always mean the most.

5. “I don’t want to do chores especially farm chores.”– Corinne

Wait Corinne, does anyone ever want to do chores?

6. “I wouldn’t even make Raquel do farm chores. Raquel is better then farm chores.”-Corinne

How nice of you! I wouldn’t make my Nanny do farm chores either when I am at the age of 24.

7. “I would shovel poopie with all of you but unfortunately I had a really critical hand condition so I couldn’t.” – Corinne

So bizarre, you seem perfectly fine to me.

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