7 Best Places To Buy Bathing Suits For Spring Break Online

Whether you’re hanging by the pool or tanning on the beach, a bathing suit is an essential piece to anyone’s spring break packing list. Shopping for bathing suits in stores can be a pain and ultimately frustrating, but thankfully the Internet is here to help! Here are some online sites that have cute and affordable suits for spring break!

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stores I know of. Plus, it has some of the cutest suits of the season with tons of different cuts and patterns. Although a little on the pricier side, the quality and endless compliments are bound to make the purchase worthwhile.

2. Amazon


Amazon is very underrated, despite the giant chain having pretty much everything on their site. The online store offers a wide variety of swimsuits for a decent price, plus if you’re a student or member you get free, 2-day shipping so this is a good call for those last-minute shoppers!


I recently just stumbled upon ASOS online and I am #obsessed with everything about them. Their swim suit section is to die for and anyone who is lucky enough to get one of these bad boys for spring break is definitely going to be turning heads without breaking the bank.

4. American Eagle


Say hello to your new favorite place to buy swimsuits! American Eagle is known for their jeans (which fit like a glove), but did you know their bathing suits were just as great? The online store is easy to use and has wide variety of options that are going to show off your greatest assets.

5. Target


The store that pretty much every girl is obsessed with strikes again with its great deals and cute swim suits. Target offers a range of sizes and styles that are bound to be in any college student budget. Their website offers way more options than instore, although it may vary. One thing for sure is that you should never underestimate Target.

6. PacSun

Get ready for swim suit season with some bathing suits from PacSun! Although the brand is known for its high prices, they offer tons of cute bathing suits if you’re looking for trendy pieces and hoping to make a statement! These pieces are ~adorbs~.

7. H&M

H&M has very low prices for those girls who may have spent too much while planning their spring break trip. The store offers a wide variety of bikinis or one pieces that are basic that won’t scare away buyers with the funky designs and/or cuts seen elsewhere.

Get your debit card ready because spring break is around the corner. Don’t hold back from treating yourself as spring break is definitely a time to let loose and have fun! Enjoy your break and soak up some sun rays!