7 Beauty Products to Bring Out Your Dark Side This Halloween

Everyone’s favorite holiday is right around the corner…Halloweekend! This legendary weekend is quickly approaching and we know that one of the hardest decisions to make is what your costume will be. So, we’ve got you covered! Sometimes it can break the bank a little too much to order a fancy 5-piece costume online – we’re college students too, we totally get it!

One way to save money is to use clothes from your closet (and your roomie’s) to create costumes! Any piece of black clothing can basically be a costume; from cats to vampires, and witches to skeletons! Grab a pair of cute booties and now all you need is some dark, gothic makeup to really make your costume stand out! Makeup is such a great way to take your costume from drab to fab without breaking the bank. Plus, you can reuse any of these makeup products until they run out, whereas you can’t really wear your costume all year long.

1. Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette


This contour palette is perfect for defining those sunken-in cheekbones for a skeleton or a zombie costume. Buy it here.

2. Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crème



This deep red lip gloss could pass as blood for a vampire costume and looks so cute. Buy it here.


  1. Urban Decay Lipstick


This creamy and pigmented black lipstick is perfect for any gothic look. Buy it here.


  1. Lorac PRO Palette



This palette has the perfect balance of porcelain white shades, and dark purple and black shades to create any look this Halloweekend. Buy it here.

5. Smashbox Liquid Lipstick



This vibrant purple liquid lipstick is a great shade for a witch or vampire costume. Buy it here.


  1. Ofra Cosmetics Lip Set


A lip set is the perfect idea for Halloweekend: 3 lip colors = 3 totally different looks! Buy it here.


  1. NYX Body Glitter

What costume isn’t completed with a little glitter? Keep the look gothic and dark but still fun with this black glitter. Buy it here.