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The 6 Types of Group Texters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Is there anyone who actually likes having their phone blow up with group chat messages? I seriously doubt it. Here are the kinds of people you’ll find in every single group chat.

1. The One Who Doesn’t Read The Chat 

“Wait, what are we doing tonight?” are a constant question that they ask. Your friends can’t help but groan, having to tell them over and over to read the group chat.

2. The Troll

Sometimes they aren’t even funny, but you can always count on this friend to post a badly edited meme into your group text.

3. The Status Updater

They always feel the need to tell you what exactly they’re doing right now, what they had for lunch, the annoying kid in their calc class, or how long the line is at the Stag.4. The Party Animal

Every Friday night, they’ll blow up the chat with texts consisting of the glass clink emoji, red cup selfies and “I LOOVE YOU GUIYSSS!!!” Kissy faces all around.

5. The Cheerleader

When people have had bad days, this sweetheart is just a text message away. Sometimes all you need is a “you’re awesome!” text to make your whole day better.

6. The Planner

This person is always willing to hang and to be honest, your group wouldn’t hang out half as much as you do if it weren’t for them.  And although they may be annoying sometimes, you’re #blessed to have them.

Aileen is a senior communication major and marketing minor who resides in Westchester, NY. She is a Executive Features Editor at Her Campus Fairfield and loves online shopping, snuggling with her dog, and working out. the Follow her on Instagram @aklindy!
Amanda McKelvey is a Co-Campus Correspondent and a senior at Fairfield University. She is a Journalism major with minors in Psychology and Communications. In addition to being a CC she has held internships with Michael Kors, CollegeFashionista.com and the Rockville Centre and Baldwin Heralds. In her free time, Amanda enjoys days on the beaches of Long Island, watching Scandal, Chicago Fire and the Bachelorette, eating anything sweet (chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes—you name it!) and reading a good book. She’s excited to spend her senior year living at Fairfield Beach with her best friends including fellow CC Danielle Tullo! You can follow her on Twitter @theAMANDAshowww or on Instagram @ammckelvey.