6 Reasons Why We Love Kylie Jenner’s Baby Name

Kylie Jenner has been on everyone’s radar since the speculations that she might be pregnant back in June. Although many of us might have guessed she was not pregnant, it couldn’t be confirmed unless it came from Kylie herself. I call #bible on this one. Finally, on February 1st, she had her baby girl! Then Kylie just left all of us hanging, keeping her daughter’s name a secret.

But ladies, the wait is over, because Stormi Webster is here and ready to thrive!

Here are six reasons why we love Kylie Jenner's choice of a baby name:

1. Kylie and Kim are very close, so it is inevitable that she would follow in Kim’s footsteps and choose a creative name, like Stormi! Choosing creative baby names just runs in the family and we love it!

2.  Rumor has it that Stormi is related to a butterfly, which is Travis Scott’s go-to in buying themed jewelry for Kylie (which is super adorable). It shows that they chose this name because it means something to both of them as a couple!

3. We also love how they picked the name Stormi because it’s connected to one of Travis Scott’s famous hits called the “Butterfly Effect.” Although some may have thought her name was going to be, ‘Butterfly’, we think Stormi was definitely the better choice.

4.  We love the sound of the name, Stormi Webster. Her last name is not Scott or Jenner, because Webster happens to be Travis’s real last name, so it is very appropriate in this case.

5.  We all love Kylie for her creativeness. We would not expect anything less from the Queen of makeup herself for naming her daughter something people would be constantly talking about

6. Stormi is a unique and standout name that will give us endless memes – and we all know how much we enjoy memes.

Congratulations to both Kylie and Travis on their new baby girl. We cannot wait to see Stormi on ~Keeping Up~.