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50 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy

It can be hard to overlook the negative aspects of life especially when times get tough and it gets easier to dwell on the bad things. Often times, we forget to be thankful for all the little things. As cliché as it sounds to find happiness in everything you do, it is so true! Over the last few weeks, I compiled a list of little things that I did not realize made me happy. When you keep an open mind, you can find happiness in so many things.

1. When an old friend texts you to see how you are

2. Mornings when you finally get enough sleep (you deserve it)

3. Getting a good grade on a test you thought you did not do too hot on 

4. Cute little kids with their families

5.When you put together the perfect outfit

6. Watching movies all day

7. When a quality throwback song plays on the radio

8. Discovering a good show on Netflix and binge watching it

9. The first warm day of the year

10. Reading a book you can’t put down 

11. Going home and your Mom makes your favorite meal

12. Taking a nap

13. Clearance candy after a holiday season

14. Walking barefoot on the beach or grass

15. Spending time with your family

16. Running into a friend you haven’t seen in awhile

17. Flipping your pillow to the cool side

18. Laughing so hard you start to get an ab workout 

19. Take-out food

20. Looking forward to something

21. Road-trips with your friends

22. And singing all your favorite songs in the car 

23. Baking during the holidays

24. Christmas season

25. Getting a letter in the mail

26. Feeling good about doing something nice for someone

27. Finding a perfect dress at a store

28. Sunday mornings

29. Cute coffee shops 

30. Throwback John Mayer songs 

31. Feeling motivated

32. Realizing how far you have come

33. Seeing someone receive a gift you got them

34. Lazy days in bed

35. Looking through old pictures on your phone that bring back good memories

36. Summer barbeques

37. The feeling after a good workout

38. Getting excited for summer

39. When your hair looks good

40. Waking up before your alarm

41. Finding money in your pocket you forgot about 

42. Turning on the TV and a good movie is playing

43. Fresh sheets

44. And clean laundry

45. Taking off your shoes after a long day

46. Vacations

47. Going out to dinner

48. Wearing your new clothes for the first time

49. Three day weekends

50. Being surprised

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