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5 Ways to Get Prepared for the Career Fair and Show Your Inner #Girlboss

Ladies, the Career Fair is tomorrow and here are 5 ways to show your inner #girlboss.  


1. The most important thing you can bring with you to a Career Fair is your resume. Make sure it is flawless and includes all your most important info. Print at least 10 copies because employers will ask for one. It’s the best way for an employer to see your experiences and get to know you more. They also might remember you based on your resume!


2. An elevator pitch is essentially a 30-second speech you will prepare about yourself to present to the employers at the fair. This speech will explain who you are and what you are looking for. Make sure to include your year and major and any other important information that you want an employer to know.


3. Do not go into the Career Fair blind, but instead go in with a game plan. Go on Orgsync and find the list of employees, and then pick out which ones you would be interested in. You can then go on their company website to find out more information about them. This will help you prepare and know your stuff!


4. Although the Career Fair is the in the RecPlex, it is unacceptable to go into this event in anything from Lululemon. You should dress in business wear – I’m talking a blouse and slacks or a nice dress. This is your way of showing the employers that you are professional.


5. Yes, the Career Fair can be pretty scary, but unfortunately, it is something that you have to do alone. It won’t help you to do the whole thing with your #bestie, because although you may be more comfortable having them with you, it won’t look good to the employers.


Have some confidence in yourself! You are a ~girlboss~ and you got this, Collegiettes!

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