5 Trendy Hairstyles to Try This Winter

When the calendar flips to December, we’re all prepared for a significant weather change. With winter comes cold air, gusting wind, snow, rain, and sometimes even hail mixed in. These conditions tend to not be too considerate to our hair. Spend five minutes outside in this weather and your hair can feel like a tangled, frizzy, and messy disaster.

What if you could turn this unfortunate mess of a hairstyle into a flattering cut made for this weather? We put together a list of 5 trendy hairstyles to try this winter that will be unaffected by harsh winter weather. You won’t be able to wait to wear your new hairstyle outside and show it off. Take this helpful guide with you to your next hairstyling appointment, and get ready to feel confident and content with your new cut all winter long.


1.) Short Bangs

    Short bangs are totally in this winter. A thinned bang is a great look for both short and long haircuts. If you go for a short bang, make sure to focus on the accents of your eyes. We recommend highlighting your eyebrows and defining your eyes with long eyelashes and eyeliner to go along with this style!


2.) Waterfall haircut for long hair

    If you love your long locks and absolutely cannot part with them, don’t worry! You won't have to give them up this winter. Turn your plain, straggly long hair into a waterfall cut this winter. Your hair will look more luxurious and healthier with this cut. Additionally, the waterfall haircut gives you layers, and in doing so, extra volume.


3.) One Length

    A one length haircut is perfect to maintain during the winter weather. A sharp outline at right angles is a major beauty trend this winter. For this style, any length of hair is suitable with the exception of shorter haircuts like pixie. Your hair will say “thank you” because such a style will make it look fresh and healthy all winter long.


4.) Elongated Bob

    In the 2018-2019 winter season, the bob is definitely in style. This is an elegant haircut that can be easily transformed – you can create volume with a lightweight styling and light curls, or you can even leave the hair straight. We recommend that you pay attention to the hair parting and make it diagonal or in the middle of your head.


5.) The Grown-Out Pixie

    If you are looking to make a bold change, consider the trendy pixie cut. This grown out pixie style is short but super fun, and it leaves enough length for you to style. This trendy cut is the perfect winter style, and can be paired up with your favorite winter accessories such as ear muffs or beanies!