5 Tips to Get Back in the Swing of Things This Semester


I know it’s hard to get back into the swing of things at the beginning of each semester, now more than ever. There is so much going on, classes are remote, COVID testing is constant… there’s a lot of unknown! So, here are 5 tips to help you get back in your groove smoothly: 


1.Get a planner and stay consistent with it

We all know everyone buys a cute planner at the beginning of every school year with all the best intentions. Most of the time, we give up after a couple of weeks and just wing it. Don’t do that! Things will go a lot smoother if you keep up with writing down your assignments. 


2.Don’t get behind on notes

“I’m not gonna take notes, it’s only syllabus week” is everyone’s famous last words. That just sets you up to start off behind, making it nearly impossible to catch up on everything. Keep up with the content as it comes. 


3.Find friends in the class

It always helps to have a resource you can reach out to for confirmation or questions about assignments. Try to find a friend or group of friends to help each other out throughout the semester. It makes the class more enjoyable too!


4.Set goals and reward yourself

We all know Zoom U has taken a toll on everyone, so set goals for yourself and treat yourself when you reach them! Adapting to the pandemic has been difficult, don’t allow it to set you off track! Create some short-term goals with an exciting incentive to achieve them. 


5.Make folders on your desktop for each class

This is something that I do that helps me stay way more organized! I have one folder on my computer’s desktop created for each course I am enrolled in for the semester. Here, I put the syllabus, PowerPoints, study guides, and all assignments to easily reference when I need to. It is also really beneficial when it comes to gathering material for exams. 


We’re all in this together! Let’s get through it as organized and efficient as possible!