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5 Shows To Watch For The Girl Whose Watched Everything On Netflix

Deciding what to watch on Netflix can be overwhelming. It is always frustrating searching for a new show, only to conclude that you have pretty much seen everything from The Office to Black Mirror. Whether you have no homework or too much, Netflix acts as both an escape and a distraction. If you are one of those people struggling, here’s a list of five shows to start binge watching on Netflix ASAP!

1. Imposters

Imposters has everything you could possibly want in a show: love, suspense, and some sly humor. The show is centered around a con-artist who uses love to steal from multiple partners who then attempt to track her down. I just started this show recently and I am already hooked. Season two is in the works, so make sure to catch up before it starts airing because it will definitely be worth the watch. You can check out the trailer for season one here before committing to the ten episodes.


2. Nailed It!

Nailed It! can best be described as a show that combines Worst Cooks in America and Cupcake Wars – two of my favorite guilty pleasures. Nicole Byer from MTV hosts the show which makes it 10x funnier as she judges amateur bakers’ attempts at replicating what seems to be Pinterest inspired desserts, which often result in a fail. In the end, the baker with the most successful dishes will win a prize of $10,000! Check out the trailer here for a sneak peek at this hilarious new season.

3. Santa Clarita Diet

This show is definitely not for those who have a weak stomach, as there is a decent number of gory scenes. Despite the blood and human body parts, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant serve frequent laughs and an interesting storyline. Barrymore and Olyphant portray a married couple who work together as realtors whose lives are turned upside down when Barrymore becomes a living zombie. Season two is in the works, so check out the trailer for season one here and catch up!



4. Mindhunter

One of the best crime and investigation shows on Netflix, Mindhunter will leave you on the edge of your seat as the show successfully depicts two FBI agents and their deep psychological investigation into murderers, including psychopaths. My explanation does not do the show justice, so check it out here now! If you like the show, then you are in luck as Netflix has recently confirmed a second season.


5. The Good Place

Get ready to fall in love and become ~obsessed~ with one of the quirkiest and most laughable shows on Netflix. Kristen Bell stars as the loveable anti-heroine who enters the afterlife by mistake. The humor is straightforward but excellently crafted. For instance, Bell’s character cannot swear which leads her to say “fork” constantly. If you love Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then this is the show for you since it is created by the same man, Mike Schur! Here is the trailer for season one, and there are more seasons to come.



Amber Shephard

Fairfield '20

Amber Shephard is a recent class of 2020 graduate from Fairfield University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Marketing. 
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