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5 Picnic Ideas For You and Your S.O. on Fairfield Beach

Ladies, when I chose Fairfield University, being close to the beach was such a selling point for me. We are so lucky to go to school by the ocean, and even luckier to live ON it senior year. When there’s nice weather, it’s such a fun idea to have a picnic on the beach! Here are some ideas for you and your significant other:


1. Charcuterie!

Pack a cooler of your favorite meats, cheese, and crackers and head down the beach. Charcuterie is delicious on any occasion, but it also makes for a great picnic snack!


2. Colony Grill!

We all know you can’t go wrong with some good Colony pizza, and there is no better place to eat it than on the beach. Pick up a couple of pies, grab some beach chairs, and have the best date ever!


3. Sandwiches

We have so many great sandwich places by Fairfield: Firehouse, Hole in the Wall, Pronto, Chef’s Table, Gaetano’s, A&S, etc. Make a platter of some of your favorite ones and split them with your favorite person!


4. Wine night!

Your beach picnic date doesn’t have to be food related! Grab your favorite bottle of wine and a couple of tumblers and head down to the water! This makes for a lovely chill night. Don’t forget the bottle opener!


5. Chips and Dips!

No better snack or meal replacement than your favorite dips – homemade or store bought! Trader Joe’s has a GREAT selection of different types of dips. Pick up a few, as well as a variety of chips, and have a yummy picnic of all of them!


You can have a beach picnic with almost anything you want! Grab a comfy blanket and snack of choice and you’ll have such a nice date with your significant other or, of course, do this with your best friends too! Fairfield also has the most amazing sunsets, so hopefully you can catch a few of those. Queue up your “chill” playlist and enjoy your date!

Katie Mazzotta

Fairfield '21

Katie Mazzotta, from Massachusetts, studies marketing and finance at Fairfield University. She is the campus correspondent for Fairfield's Her Campus chapter. Her creativity and marketing skills provide a beneficial influence on the chapter's event planning and social media accounts. In her free time, she loves the beach and spending time with friends and family.
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