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5 Perfect Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Having trouble thinking about what to buy your guy for the holidays? Isn’t it hard when they don’t email you gift hints like girlfriends do?! Make this season the best one yet with a gift he’ll love! Here are 5 suggestions below: 


 Sneakers: Guys wear sneakers for just about every occasion. If you know his style and size already, you might as well win girlfriend of the century!

His Favorite Team Jersey: Although you may not be a fanatic like him, this will show him that you know what he likes. You can then plan a date to go see a game, and he will love wearing the jersey that you gave him!




Cologne: Cologne is a great gift for not only him, but also for you! With this as a gift, you get to decide what he will smell like. 


Wallet: Most guys will likely keep the first one they ever purchased, even if it is held together by a single thread. A new wallet might be just what he needs. Fill it with gift cards to his favorite food spots for a personal touch. You know what they say: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! 

Vest: This will look great over long sleeve shirts or sweaters this winter season. Plus, a lot of guys tend to sweat, so they don’t need arms on a coat anyway!




Good Luck and Happy Shopping, Ladies! 


I am from Long Island, New York. I currently attend Fairfield University and I am pursuing a major in Finance and minors in Mathematics and Economics. 
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