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5 Netflix Documentaries You Need to Watch ASAP

You may think the “Documentaries” section of Netflix sounds like the most boring part of the site, however Netflix has completely changed the documentary watching game. If you’re anything like me, you know this misconception is simply not the case. Even though we have all sat through those painful documentaries in history class, those are not the only types out there. Netflix would never try and bore you. 

If you have an interest, there’s more than likely a documentary on it. But on the off chance you don’t check the “Documentaries” section of Netflix daily, let me at least try to convince you that some are actually worth the watch. 

1.Forks Over Knives

Even if you aren’t vegan, or have even the slightest interest in veganism, the research of two scientists on plant-based eating is phenomenal. You will watch people be cured of cancer, obesity, and other ailments simply by switching to this healthier lifestyle.

2. Cowspiracy

Even though this documentary also showcases vegan living, it sheds light on the reality of the meat and dairy industry in this country in relation to environmental issues. 

3. The True Cost
Ever wonder where over half of our daily products come from? The True Cost exposes the reality of how cheap labor affects those on the other side of our economy. 

4. First Position

Through this you will learn about the realities of making it big in the dance world. Follow 6 young dancers fight for the future of what they have put their blood, sweat, and tears in since birth. In a competition that offers scholarships to only the best of the best, what does a young dancer do when they’re told they aren’t good enough? 

5. Blackfish

Even if you aren’t a documentary person, you’ve definitely at least heard of the this one. The realities of animal cruelty at Seaworld are exposed in this shocking piece. 


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