5 Nail Colors to Try This Spring

Winter has finally melted away, and it’s ~officially~ spring! Say “goodbye” to dark and boring nail colors, and say “hello” to fresh and fun ones. Try these 5 gorgeous shades for your next manicure and get ready for upcoming formals, holidays, and events that spring brings!


1. You can never go wrong with a simple light pink manicure! Not only is it a happy spring color, but it can match any outfit!


2. Born to stand out? Brighten up your hands with the 2019 Color of the Year, Coral! This shade is bold, sassy, and definitely fun!


3. Get your next manicure inspiration from one of the best parts of spring, the flowers!


4. Not only is pale blue a perfect pastel for spring, but blue is also scientifically proven to help with calming. We suggest this color for finals week ladies!


5. Make your next manicure ~shine~ and go metallic! This trend is sweet, stylish, and perfect for the springtime!