5 Of the Most Basic Halloween Costumes

Everyone knows that with fall comes every collegiettes favorite holiday...Halloween! It’s the time of year where we get to be someone or something else for the night, while still being fun and chic. While we all know the struggle of coming up with unique costume ideas, there are a handful of costumes we all need to avoid this year. No one like being basic.. SO here’s a list of the ~most~ basic costumes to avoid this season.

1.Anything with ears or a tail... I think we all know it’s time to stop putting on a black dress and bunny or cat ears and calling it a day… Its totally adorable but I think it’s time we take a break from this look.

2.School Girls  

Don’t get me wrong ladies, we all love this look. It’s a Britney Spears inspired way to put your or your friend’s high school uniform to good use...but I think we can all agree this has earned its rightful spot on this list.

3.Sexy Cop It’s just overplayed. Plus do you really want to be wearing the same thing as six other girls at the party?

4.The devil 

I regretfully put this one on the list because it’s such a fun way to show your ~sassy~ side. But we have just seen too many times. Don’t worry ladies; there are plenty of other ways to be sassy.

5.Booty shorts and an oversized jersey

I know dressing like an athlete is a quick and easy way to be comfortable and cute, but unfortunately it’s also the perfect way to ensure that you're looking basic. Leave the eye black and catchers mitts at home.

Keeping all of these in mind, I’m sure we will all end up in one of these basic but cute costumes. So stay safe out there, ladies, and stay ~Basic~....