5 Makeup Brushes You Actually Need & How You Should Be Using Them

Good quality makeup brushes are essential to us ~beauty lovers~ out there. Makeup brushes can be expensive and low quality… but have no fear.  Real Techniques brushes are affordable AND high quality. Samantha and Nicola are two sisters that grew up surrounded by makeup, but it was on YouTube where their love for makeup really blossomed… and they were able to share their love with so many people! Their channel, Pixiwoo, immediately blew up. In 2010, when their channel hit 30,000 subscribers, their idea for Real Techniques brushes sparked! These girls know the importance of professional makeup tools and that is why you absolutely ~need~ these 5 brushes:


  1. Powder Brush 


Powder brushes are a must have for a sheer, even application of the powder of your choice.  This brush provides for a smooth finish that will keep your face from looking oily throughout the day.


  1. Blush Brush 

Another ~essential~ brush is the Real Technique’s blush brush.  This blush brush has a tapered cut so it is insanely easy to use to contour, blend and define your cheeks. It works with both cream and powder blushes!


  1. Stippling Brush 

Want a more airbrushed look? Then the Real Technique’s stippling brush is the one for you.  This dual-fiber brush will leave you with the most perfect feathery finish.


  1. Sculpting Brush 

This brush is an ~absolute need~ for those of us who love to contour! This brush features a flat, wide head, which is perfect for defined contours.  If you’re looking to add depth to your look, this is the brush for you.


  1. Eye Starter Set 

Don’t worry; some of the most important brushes were NOT forgotten… eye shadow brushes! Real Techniques has an amazing starter kit out for eye shadow brushes.  It includes a crease brush, a base shadow brush, a fine liner brush, a brow brush and even a case to keep them all in.  All you need to have the most ~glamorous~ eye look is these brushes in hand!