5 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other This Valentines Day

Being on a college budget is hard enough as it is, but adding a significant other squeezes your spending even tighter. No longer fear having to saving your entire allowance and being forced to eat at the dining hall every single day, or never being able to spend on late night Dominos, BECAUSE inexpensive doesn’t equal cheap! Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or a few years, gifts are a way to show thoughtfulness and love. There are multiple ways to show your love through gifts without breaking your bank!

1. Clearance Racks/Discount Stores Utilize the sale sections of his/her favorite store! Keep an eye out for their next major sale, like Black Friday or Columbus Day, and shop then. Stores like Marshalls and Home Goods also carry designer products for more affordable prices. Your significant other will NEVER know you got their amazing gift on sale, or through a second seller!

2. Candy or Food In my case, my significant other LOVES his favorite candies. This is an opportunity to get crafty and thoughtful. Pick out their favorite candy and find a creative way to wrap it up! This gift is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Another sweet idea is to bake them their favorite treat. This gift is an inexpensive way to win their heart all over again.

3. Accessories Hats, belts, scarves, socks, or boxers are helpful and fun gifts to give. These items can run as low as $10, but will last a while with your significant other. Who doesn’t need more undies or an extra baseball hat? The more of these items, the merrier!

4. Toiletries Sounds strange, but my boyfriend loves when he gets a bag of goodies from the local drug store! A drug store is an inexpensive way to gift necessary things. For girls, nail polish, make up, their favorite shampoo/conditioner is a cute way to show them you know what they prefer, plus they get more of their favorite necessities, while saving money on your end! Don’t worry, it’s easy to bundle things for your bf.

5. Gift Cards Gift cards to their favorite store or something necessary like gas cards show thoughtfulness. In some cases, your significant other would rather pick out their own gift. Gift cards can also give their budget a break, which is always appreciated! Gift cards to their favorite fast food restaurant or coffee shop always get a good response!