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5 Healthy Recipes for the Dining Hall

Being healthy is hard enough, and it’s tough to say no to all of the delicious pizzas, burgers, and French fries found in our dining hall. When you don’t have an appealing and nutritious substitute to these delicious options, staying strong becomes a real struggle.

As long as you get a little creative, you won’t even crave the unhealthy meals in Barone anymore. Next time you’re about to go for the pizza, try one of these instead!  

1. Veggie Stir-Fry

-Take onions, garlic, salt and pepper and put them in lightly oiled skillet-Grab a plate and throw on any veggies from the gluten-free section and salad bar-Put the vegetables in the skillet and mix them with what you already have cooking-If you want more flavor, add soy sauce-Cook for as long as you want—the longer you wait, the crunchier the food will be!

2. Soup and Salad

-Take a bowl of the healthier option of the two soups-On the side, make a salad of your choice-if you need some protein, anybody at the sandwich station will cut up a piece of chicken for you-Use a light dressing- oil and vinegar with salt and pepper is good on any salad

3. Yogurt Parfait

-The gluten-free fridge, as well as the area by the cereals, has tons of low-fat yogurt to put in a bowl-Mix in any kind of fruit—strawberries, bananas, blackberries, grapes, etc.-Use the gluten-free granola; it’s just as good as the “normal” kind-If you need some extra sweetness, drizzle some honey on top

4. Avocado Toast

-Ask a staff member to grab you an avocado from the back—they usually have them-Toast a piece of whole grain bread-Put the avocado on top with some salt and pepper-Add red pepper flakes if you want a little spice

5. Eggs, any style and toast

-Even though most people call him “the omelet man”, he can make more than just omelets-Toast a piece of multi grain bread and pair that with one or two sunny side up eggs (or any other style you prefer)-Make a bowl of fruit for a little treat on the side

These are just a few of the numerous healthy Barone hacks. The more creative you get, the better your dining hall experience will be!



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