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5 Healthy Food Tips You Need NOW

As an incoming freshman, many things scared me about going off to college, but nothing was as terrifying as the thought of gaining the “Freshman 15.” Eating healthy in a dining hall filled with unhealthy and greasy foods would definitely be a difficult task for anyone. The best way to ensure that you’ll stay healthy is to stock your dorm and mini fridge with healthy snacks! Here are some healthy-living hacks you definitely need in your life.

  1. Skip soda and other sugary drinks, get water and flavored seltzer instead!
  2. Take some fruit and vegetables on your way out of the dining hall. Healthy veggies line the salad bar so pack some in a little plastic container and save them when you need a snack. There are always apples and bananas in Barone so grab a few for a quick breakfast on the go!
  3. Invest in 100-calorie pack snacks! It’s pretty impossible to be a college student and cut out junk food altogether, so get some pretzels, popcorn, or other treats and stick to the serving size!
  4. Buy some to-go spreads. Whether you love peanut butter or humus (or both!) having little to-go containers of them will add protein to any fruit or vegetable.
  5. Make your own yogurt parfait! When you use a swipe at the dining hall, bring a plastic container with you and fill it with your favorite yogurt, granola, and berries. You can either eat it now or stick it in your mini fridge for later.
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