5 Fashion Bloggers to Dress Up Your Instagram Feed

When it comes to sporting the latest trends, Instagram is buzzing with fabulous accounts from Fashionistas all over the world.  From classically chic to polished and preppy, here are five bloggers worth following. Make sure to add them, so you can scroll through your feed and gather all the fashion inspiration you need!

Arielle Nachmani: A.K.A @SomethingNavy Personally, I find Arielle to be an A-list blogger. This socialite created “SomethingNavy” in 2009 as a way to express herself through fashion. Living a life most of us could only dream of, she documents moments from her personal life- like moving into a new apartment and cuddling with her adorable puppies- as well as shameless full-length selfies giving the world daily wardrobe inspiration.

Chelsea Lane: A.K.A @TrueLane

Chelsea currently resides in downtown Minneapolis, MN, where she writes Zipped by night and manages an office job by day. Each one of True Lane’s posts is a feast for the eyes, as she shows the world her style ideas, her dainty food dishes, and most importantly her lavish travels.

Julie Hengel A.K.A @JuliaHengel

GalMeetsGlam is a San Francisco based style and beauty blog where the young fashion lover expresses herself through beautiful photos. If we lived a life anything like Julie, we would be Insta-happy too. This extravagant blogger manages to not only capture the most scenic photographs, but also look ahhhh-mazing while doing so!

Julie Sarinana A.K.A @SincerelyJules

Julie founded SincerelyJules in February 2009 as a creative outlet to express her thoughts, inspirations, style, and love of everything cool. Her account is the embodiment of the American dream, as she blogs her daily style, inspiring and motivating her readers one outfit at a time. Seriously though, what more could you want?

Carly A. Heitlinger A.K.A @CARLY

TheCollegePrepster may be last but she is certainly not least. This fashion blogger started her own blog while she was a freshman at Georgetown University. In addition to her fashion and lifestyle posts, she also shares stories about the girl behind the brand. Check out her virtual preppy closet and her journey’s through New York City.