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5 Designers To Look Out For From NYFW

That time of year is finally here once again- New York Fashion Week. Kicking off the global calendar of fashion showcases, NYFW never fails to impress its gigantic following. Generating $865 million dollars yearly, it is safe to say this event has developed an extreme popularity and demand for designers, fans, and celebrities from all around the world.

Hundreds of shows take place in such a short amount of time, making it hard to keep up with all of the new designers and collections. Luckily, we have picked some of our favorite designers to watch in the upcoming days. These 5 designers truly prove why Fashion Week has become such a global phenomenon.

MeskitaAlthough unfamiliar to most of us, Alexandra Meskita is a sure-fire designer to watch this week. Beginning her career when she was just 15 years old, she’s proven to be a role model and true testament to talent within the world of fashion. Meskita’s brand reflects her Brazilian culture, from which she incorporates effortless patterns and elegant fabrics to achieve an overall sexy and feminine look.

Clover CanyonClover Canyon has become a recognizable brand in more recent years. It’s flattering silhouettes and vivid patterns make for standout fashion must-haves. Keep an eye out for this brand for weekend attire and formal dresses.

SaunderBorn and raised in New York City, Emily Saunders learned what the true meaning of style meant at a very young age. After studying at Parsons School of Design, her passion for fashion led this designer to pursue her own line, Saunder. In an effort to create a street style, city-influenced brand, she mixes global influences and city flare to achieve her vision. Although her brand is only three years old, she’s been very successful so far and will certainly continue to expand.

Monique LhuillierThere is no doubt that girls of any ages LOVE dressing up in gowns. For some extreme glamour envy, look out for Monique Lhuillier’s beautiful dresses this year on the runway. Her personal style originates from her childhood living in the Philippines. She incorporates her own personal taste, as well as her mothers, to create extremely glamorous and timeless collections. Ranging from ball gowns to wedding dresses, this woman defines the true meaning of elegance.

Michael CostelloOpening his first clothing store when he was just fifteen years old, it is safe to say that Michael Costello is a determined and creative designer. His drive as a teenager proves to be an inspiration for collegiates, and his furthered success as a Project Runway finalist is as well.  His goal is to make women feel beautiful, and he does just that. Costello’s gowns have been featured at the Grammy’s and Oscar’s, being worn by Hollywood’s most popular celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. 

Gabriella is currently a junior at Fairfield University, where she is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications. She is Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Fairfield with her roomie/best friend Pamela Grant! Gab can most likely be found with a Venti Starbs in hand, while wearing obnoxiously large sunnies (no shame), reading the most recent issue of Glamour Mag.
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