5 Dating Profile Red Flags You Should Stay Away From

Ladies, we put together a list of red flags in dating profiles so you know what to be on the lookout for. Whether you are swiping on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, or any other preferred dating app, this applies to most of them. 


  1. Only group pictures

A lot of people get camera shy—and that’s totally understandable. If they don’t have ~any~ solo pics, you might want to think about swiping left. If you can’t even tell which one they are, save yourself the time, trouble, and confusion.


  1. No prompts

Dating profiles are meant to be kept short, sweet, and to the point, but you need to know some information! If the person doesn’t have any content besides a few photos, #goodbye. Looks aren’t everything and it’s super important to know a little bit about a person if you are looking to start any type of relationship with them.


  1. “Do not swipe right if…”

This is a huge #redflag. If a potential match says something along the lines of  “don’t swipe right if you’re over 5’7”” or “swipe left if you’re not blonde,” don’t even waste your time. There’s a difference between setting preferences like some apps allow, and just being shallow. If someone includes a “do not” in their profile, trust us, you can do better.


  1. Not enough pictures

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect pictures to encapture your whole personality, (we’ve been there) but it’s very difficult to get an idea of someone’s looks from only one image. It’s so easy to take pictures nowadays, so the more on the profile, the better. More photos also increase the likelihood that it’s a real account and user.


  1. Doesn’t open up

This one will take a while to determine if it’s a red flag. If you and your match are talking for an extended period of time and the conversation isn’t going anywhere, consider ending things. You can only answer the question “how’s your day going?” so many times. If you aren’t learning about the person, move on to the next.


Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got your back! Keep in mind to *only* meet up with matches you feel comfortable with and do so in a public place. Let your friends know every step of the way because you can never be too safe. Happy swiping!