“5 Career Fair Essentials That Will Show off Your Inner Girlboss”

Hey Collegiettes! September is coming to an end, and you know what that means for Fairfield University students-the Career Fair! What better way to prepare than for us to give you the top 5 Career Fair essentials you need?


1.This is a no-brainer! The single most important item you can bring to the Career Fair is your resume. Even if you’re a first-year and you feel like no one will pay attention to you for an internship just yet, having one is having a leg up! 

2.A portfolio-this will leave you looking so #professional while talking to recruiters! They are sold at the on-campus store in the BCC if you don’t have one. Let me tell you they’re a complete lifesaver! You can keep all of your resumes in there, as well as take notes and be able to keep track of any business cards or any papers given to you. 

3.Be informed-the Career Center gives you a list of all the companies attending for a reason! Do your research-this could save you time and energy from talking to a company that you feel isn’t right for you, or that you have no interest in. Plus, if you know facts about the company, you’ll stand out much more than the girl in front of you who didn’t even know what the company was! 

4.Energy and Enthusiasm- is ~key~ for standing out! If you are bubbly, talkative, have energy, and interest in what the recruiter is talking about, then they will also pay more attention to you! Be passionate about the things you talk about. Chances are they’ll be able to remember you a little bit better when it comes to looking over that resume you handed them! 

5.Remain calm-lastly, ladies, remain calm! There’s going to be over 100 different tables and employers there, as well as the LinkedIn booth and other things, so it’s natural to get a little stressed out about this! If you remain calm and stay collected, you’ll be able to focus on yourself instead of what everyone else is doing. 


Those are our top 5 essentials to show your inner #girlboss at the Career Fair! Everyone is in the same boat as you as well, so don’t be afraid to ask anyone from the ~Career Center~ for help too!