5 Best Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you just realizing now that Halloweekend is this week and you still don't have a costume? Well, you’re not the only one. Here are some cute yet simple last minute costume ideas.

1. Cat/Mouse The most basic costume of them all. All you need is a black top with a black skirt/pants paired with some black heels. Add some ears and paint on whiskers and you’re set.

2. Baseball Player If you have a baseball jersey then you can easily pair this item with some black leggings or shorts. Draw two black lines under your eyes and call it a night!

3. Cow Girl

Wear a plaid shirt with jeans/shorts (depending on the weather) and put on some riding boots. Add a hat to complete the look.

4. Risky Business A button down shirt and some sunglasses are all you need for this easy last minute outfit idea.

5. Burglar

Do you own a striped black and white shirt/dress and a beanie? If yes, then you got yourself a costume.