5 Apps You Need For Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be pretty scary and nerve wracking. You will be experiencing a completely different culture, using unfamiliar currency, navigating strange cities and possibly learning a new language. Here are five apps that will help you overcome these hurdles during your time abroad. 


Viber makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family back home and abroad. You can text, make free calls, share photos and videos with others who have the app. 

XE Currency

This app is great when you are first getting used to the new currency when studying abroad. It may seem like that shirt is inexpensive, but when you convert it back to U.S dollars that may not be the case. Also, when you are traveling you can use this app. And do not worry because this app contains every currency around the world. 


While studying abroad, most likely you will need to keep a budget since food, traveling, and souvenirs add up quickly. This app is an extremely quick and easy way to track your expenses while traveling.

Google Translate

If you are studying abroad (or plan to) in a city where English is not the primary language, Google Translate is an amazing app to have! This can help you translate how to say something or read the sign that may look like Gibberish to you. 

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor allows travelers to write and post reviews about their experiences with flights, restaurants, hotels, etc. Planning a trip abroad is a stressful task, so having the help of 50 million fellow globetrotters can relieve the anxiety. Just call it the Yelp for travelers.