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4 Reasons Why LUNA Bars Lighten Up Your Day

It’s tough to find a snack that meets all of our needs. In a sense, we hold our snacks to a standard in which they must satisfy all types of cravings we have. Whether you are eating a quick breakfast as you rush to your morning class or having a case of the munchies, snacking shouldn’t have to have a negative effect on our health. We just need to choose snacks that are nutritious and flavorful instead, and LUNA Bars are here to rescue us. They are the snack that finally meets all of our standards.

Here are 4 reasons why snacking on LUNA bars will lighten up your day:

1. They are specialized for women.That’s right – LUNA Bars are not your ordinary nutrition bar. They are set aside from the rest as the self-proclaimed “whole nutrition bar for women,” with each bar “crafted to include the nutrients typically missing from a women’s diet.” Collegiettes tend to get caught up in our busy schedules that, in the midst of a hectic day, we tend to ignore what our body is lacking. Hence why LUNA Bars introduced what they call the “Core 4… folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals, which are essential to a woman’s everyday needs.”

2. They’re nutritious.As college students, meals at the dining hall are not always nourishing .For the desperate times when it seems like everyone around you can hear your stomach growling, LUNA Bars are great to keep tucked away in your backpack. A LUNA Bar will not only curb your hunger, but it will also benefit your health. Along with their Core 4 ingredients, each LUNA Bar contains 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Recently made gluten free, LUNA Bars are also crafted with organically grown ingredients.

3. They taste great.LUNA’s taste motto? “Love at first bite in 13 flavors” These are not the typical dry and bland nutrition bars we all avoid. LUNA offers unique, mouthwatering flavors that range from Blueberry Bliss to Caramel Nut Brownie. With so many options to choose from, there is a flavor to match all of your different moods and cravings. You will gain the satisfaction of treating yourself to something sweet, without the negative effects of eating an unhealthy snack.

4. They are a positive snack option.We all crave a midnight snack here and there, or stress-eat while studying for an exam the night before. Our first instinct may be to grab the nearest jar of Nutella, but then the battle with our conscious begins in the decision to choose between indulging in our favorite comfort food or having a healthy option instead. Fortunately, LUNA Bars are the solution to these problems. 

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