3 Ways to Make Your Next Snow Day Fun

We've all done things such as looking at our ~snow day calculator~ and sleeping with a spoon under our pillows with our pajamas inside out. Am I right ladies? Once we finally get the snow day, we all just lounge around and have a lazy day in bed. Why not make your next snow day fun? Below are some of my favorite snow day activities: 

1.Drinking a nice warm cup of cocoa when it's a snowy day outside is literally the best #facts.  Rather than just drinking basic hot cocoa, pair it with whipped cream, hot fudge, and mini chocolate chips. Turn your dorm into a hot chocolate bar with different toppings and cuddle up in a cozy blanket!



2. There’s nothing better than watching a great show with no interruptions… to the point where Netflix has to ask if you’re still watching. You don’t have to stop to go to class or a meeting- snow days are the ultimate excuse for staying inside all day. My personal favorite show is Gossip Girl... you know you love it!



3. Get glammed up and head outside with your best gal pals to take some pictures. The snow makes the perfect white, artsy background!



Sending out positive #vibes for another snow day Collegiettes!