3 Ways To Help Your BFF To Recover From A Breakup

One of the most painful things we witness, and encounter, is seeing our best friend no longer be in a relationship with their significant other.  No one wants to see their best friend go through the emotional roller coaster that comes with breakups.  Here are 3 ways to help your best friend recover from a breakup!


1.Keep them occupied - While your best friend may feel like the world just ended since they're no longer in a relationship, it’s important that you don’t let them sulk in bed all day! Take your best friend out for dinner or shopping. These are fun activities you and your BFF can enjoy and will allow them to be distracted from their recent breakup. 


2.Ask them what you can do to help - Being someone’s best friend, you may instinctively think you know exactly what they need or want to hear. This is not always the case with breakups.  Every relationship is different, which also means every breakup is different. While you may feel the need to share what was helpful for you to get through your breakup, it does not mean it will work for your best friend. 


3.Help them “re-invent themselves” - Always be sure to encourage your best friend and embrace any positivity and growth they may be going through or feeling. Remember, breakups are an opportunity for a fresh start! Maybe your friend wants to go for a bold, new look to their hair or change up the way they’ve been dressing. Always be supportive of these new ideas! 


From experience, I know how challenging, and emotionally draining breakups can be. My best friends are one of the major reasons I was able to recover from my breakup. Keep these 3 ideas in mind when it comes to helping your best friend recover from their breakup. I guarantee your best friend will be more than grateful for you, and your support, as they go through the process of recovering from their breakup if you follow these three tips!