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3 Things You Miss About Your Freshman Year Floor

When you’re little, you always look up to older siblings or to cousins and can’t wait to be their age. You beg your parents to stay up late and pretend to have homework (well, at least I did…). You turn 16 and get your drivers’ license, at 17 you go to prom and sooner than later, you’re reminiscing at your high school graduation. “Don’t rush to grow up,” they said; and they were right. As a junior, it’s so strange to think that I’m half way done with my college career. Now, I’m begging to go to sleep early and pretending that I don’t have homework. As freshmen, we couldn’t wait to live in a townhouse, to have our own bathrooms and showers, and to not be crammed in a 5×5 dorm room. But looking back, there are definitely things I’ve come to miss about my freshman year and my freshman year floor. 

Everyone you meet is a potential friend
Shoving girls into an overcrowded hallway seems like a bad idea until everyone is complaining about how much it sucks, and ultimately become friends. When you get locked out of your room, someone’s door is always open to hang out until your roommate comes back. Late nights become an everyday occurrence along with ordering Domino’s, studying in the lounge, and not having any hot water (burr!) Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” One would think he was talking about freshman dorms. It was up to us to avoid getting into trouble, but also it was up to us to keep up morale by making our living situation the best it could be.

Mi casa es su casa… or rather my closet is your closet.
When you have nothing to wear (regardless of a full closet) your neighbor was always there to come to the rescue. Shirts, dresses, shoes, you name it someone else was wearing your clothes, and you were wearing someone else’s. Not to mention, everyone had a personal hair stylist and manicurist. 

Study buddies!

No matter what time of night, you could always find a fellow procrastinator. Reading days were like a 24/7 cram session. Everyone was on the same page—focus! Although it was extremely easy to get distracted, it forced you to stay awake in order to keep on keeping on.

Your freshman year floor is the first community you make your home away from home. So don’t rush to grow up!! 

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