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21 Questions We Need Answers To, Fairfield

We all love Fairfield, but that doesn’t mean that some things have us very confused. So, we figured we would ask! Here are 21 questions we have all definetely had about our school. 

1. Who decided to put the Health Center all the way in Dolan?2. Why was building McAuliffe a good idea?3. Why is the Canisius hill the iciest (and busiest) part of campus?

4. Why isn’t Einstein’s open on Sunday mornings?5. Why won’t Starbucks accept my gift cards?

6. How are there 4,000 undergrads here, but like, 50 total washers and dryers?7. Are we actually planning on bringing in more freshman next year?8. Where exactly is everyone going to live?

9. Who keeps putting socks on the Stag statue?10. Whose red motor bike is always in the first floor of Bannow?11. And why is it embarrassingly impossible to open the doors to get in?

12. Why are the ice cream cups in Barone so small?13. Does Taylor Swift pay to have her music play every other song at dinner?14. Why do I look like a kid who lost their mom when I have to find a table in Barone at 6:30?

15. Why do the prep kids think it’s okay to take up all the seats at the Stag?16. Why is it impossible to eat at the Stag without smelling like it after?17. Who runs the turkey Twitter account?18. Will the turkeys actually try to hurt me one morning?

19. Why don’t we have a crossing guard at DSB?20. What’s that thing in front of Donnarumma?21. How do you even pronounce Donnarumma?

Just wondering.

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Lauren is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering at Fairfield University.  A proud Bostonian, she has a heavy reliance on iced coffee and says "wicked" far too often.Follow Lauren on Twitter!
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