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20 Times “She’s The Man” Accurately Described Our Lives

If you’re anything like me, you can watch “She’s the Man” on repeat. This movie was the best simply for its hilarious jokes and realistic vibe. Here are 20 times this 2006 film accurately described our lives.

1.     When you get called back for a second interview with a company you are obsessed with

2.   When the dining hall is serving your ~favorite~ sweet potato fries


3.    When your friend texts you “wanna get ice cream”

4.     When someone only texts you when they need the history homework

5.     When it’s a Saturday morning and all you want to do is stay in bed

6.     When you see a really gross kid trying to make moves on your best friend

7.     When someone sends you the answers to the take home quiz without having to ask

8.     When you Insta stalk your celebrity crush on the reg

9.     When you fail your math quiz

10.     When someone is telling a story and you know they’re lying

11.     When you try to be nonchalant in front of your crush

12.     When some random chick asks you to set her up with your guy friend


13.     When the kid next to you is chomping on gum during class

14.     When you have nothing in common with someone and you try to carry out a conversation

15.     When you call someone out for their horrible attitude

16.     When you contemplate wearing heels to the townhouses

17.     When you tell a weird story about yourself and no one relates

18.     When you discover the girl you just befriended is not who you thought she was

19.     When you get a boost of confidence before walking into your test

20.     When you can’t even THINK about Monday’s

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