20 Signs You're Undeniably Addicted to Starbucks

1. It is impossible to start your morning without a Venti Starbucks

2. You know every Starbucks location within a 15-mile radius of your home 

3. The Starbucks barista knows you by name and has your order memorized 

4. Venti, skinny, breve, red eye, and flat white are apart of your everyday vocabulary  

5. You always look like this during class

6. You want Starbucks to invent a size larger than a Trenta

7. You have racked up so many stars that you should be a gold member twice over

8. You spend more money on Starbucks than you do on textbooks

9. You take it personally when someone says they don't like Starbucks 

10. There is at least one Starbucks ornament on your tree at Christmas 

11. Nothing excites you more than finding a Starbucks with a drive-thru 

12. In Blank Space you always hear “Starbucks lovers”

13. Starbucks is your default meeting spot with friends

14. You know what season it is based on Starbucks’ menu 

15. You almost cry after you take your last sip… its like saying goodbye to a dear friend

16. You don’t even care when they spell your name wrong 

17. You always ask for Starbucks cards as a gift from anyone and everyone

18. Your favorite fashion accessory is a Starbucks cup 

19. Starbucks is the best relationship you have had; it is always there for you, it gets you through the day, and most importantly it’s HOT! 

20. You have accepted it. It is not just a brand but also a lifestyle